Mayor denies water problems in Point Fortin

Point Fortin Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr. - Marvin Hamilton
Point Fortin Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr. - Marvin Hamilton

POINT FORTIN Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr said he has not been receiving any complaints about an irregular water supply in the constituency as is being claimed by Opposition Senator Taharqu Obika.

Obika issued a release calling on the Public Utilities Minister and the Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) to provide an adequate supply of this precious commodity to the constituents.

Obika said communities as far as Icacos were without a dependable supply of pipeborne water at this critical time when the first line of defence in fighting the covid19 virus is to wash hands. He also noted the importance of a supply to sanitise groceries and clothing.

In response, Richards said he spoke to residents in Point Fortin on Tuesday morning and they had a supply of water.

“What is happening is the fluctuation of the water pressure due to the supply from Desalcott. This has been happening for a while, hence the reality of some areas receiving less than others.”

He said if anyone is having trouble accessing water to please contact him and he would see how best he can assist.

However, Icacos businessman Ivor Alfred said on Wednesday afternoon when Newsday caught up with him, “right now I toting water in containers in my car from Cedros.”

He said water has not flowed from their taps for about three weeks and about 1,000 people in his community are suffering.

Alfred operates a gas station, a bar and grocery. He said both the bar and gas station were closed, the latter due to the slow down in traffic dut to government's stay at home order.

He said he has several tanks so was not affected by the water shortage when others first started complaining.

“I heard people complaining they had no water for about two to three weeks, but on Sunday I realise what was going on.”

He said he saw two WASA trucks in the Fullarton area distributing water to affected residents on Wednesday afternoon.

“I stopped and asked if they would be coming down Icacos and they said they would try to arrange something for us. So I don’t know if they would come tomorrow (Thursday) but every Easter is the same thing – no water in Icacos.”


"Mayor denies water problems in Point Fortin"

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