Tobago Chamber welcomes Govt's latest stay-at-home measure

Martin George -
Martin George -

Short term pain for long-term gain. That is how the Tobago Business Chamber regards the latest measure by the Government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (covid19).

In a further effort to stem the spread of the covid19 pandemic, the Prime Minister announced at a news briefing on Monday all restaurants and eating establishments would be closed temporarily until April 30.

Previously, the Government had shut down the dine-in areas at restaurants but still allowed them to offer pick-up services to customers. Dr Rowley urged citizens to cook at home as opposed to venturing out to buy food.

The measure added a new dimension of the Government's stay-at-home mandate as it grapples to contain the spread of the virus.

The chamber's chairman, Martin George said on Tuesday the organisation understood the Government's action.

"The Tobago Business Chamber fully understands and appreciates the efforts by the Government in regard to attempting to curtail and reduce the spread of the coronavirus so we can appreciate the fact that the Government has increased the measures," he said in a Whatsapp voice note.

George said while it was painful for business people and the public, "it is something that we see as short term pain for long-term gain.

"In that regard we urge and encourage all members of the public and all members of our association and all business persons in Tobago and also in Trinidad to try to ensure that there is compliance with the requirements so that at the end of the day we will all emerge from this bigger, better and stronger than before."

George said the country was in crisis.

"This is a time of crisis but what we would like to say as a Tobago business chamber is to tell the population that tough times don't last but tough people do."


"Tobago Chamber welcomes Govt’s latest stay-at-home measure"

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