Less than human if poor, black, homeless

THE EDITOR: Dennis Moses (not the government minister) lives in a country where its leader and many others in positions of authority look like him. He is, I am sure, proud of that. As a citizen, he is entitled to all of the promises alluded to in the Constitution. And his social standing should not in any way diminish those prodigious offerings.

The recent incident in which he was abused by police and soldiers and the fact that the nation’s leaders have been practically mute on the issue, suggests to me that to be poor, black and homeless in TT is cause to be treated as less than a human being by those in authority.

I suppose that because life is viewed as being cheap when one considers the annual murder rate here, and the fact that Moses was not killed, just robbed of his dignity, are reasons enough to move on.

This appears to be the mettle of the society in which we live. You could be next. And then what?


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"Less than human if poor, black, homeless"

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