Hosein: PPE given to corporation workers

Kazim Hosein -
Kazim Hosein -

EVEN as regional corporations bring relief to their local residents, the health of their staff must be protected during the covid19 pandemic, Local Government Minister Kazim Hosein said in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is imperative that, as we continue to serve the burgesses of our respective city, borough or region, we also properly equip our staff with the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) and required resources.”

Meticulous hygiene can help create a safe work environment, he said.

Hosein hailed all mayors and chairmen and their councils, chief executive officers and staff in 14 corporations on their many initiatives so far, and urged a continuation of measures to promote hygiene, such as timely garbage collection and public sanitation.

“The Disaster Management Units (DMUs) will be assisting the Ministry of Health in the distribution of masks in all municipalities. They have already collected food hampers from the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services for distribution to families in need throughout all municipalities.” He said these units facilitate public service messages in all electoral districts in Trinidad to inform citizens of best practices and latest developments.

“Geographic Information System (GIS) maps illustrating population data have been provided to the Ministry of Health to assist with the mapping of covid19 cases and contact tracing.”

Mattresses have been given to the TT Defense Force at the Sangre Grande Quarantine Centre.

The minister advised corporations to disseminate notices on covid19 from official government channels and health authorities, especially the Ministry of Health, to burgesses, by way of channels such as mobile public address systems, social media and flyers.

For public markets/abattoirs, he urged sanitisation, provision of hand sanitiser/hand washing stations, and sensitisation sessions for vendors.

Truck-borne water must be prioritised to vulnerable burgesses, especially in rural communities, Hosein said. Business associations and chambers of commerce should be engaged to support of people affected by the economic slow-down.

The minister urged more municipal police patrols at beaches, rivers, recreation grounds, markets, abattoirs, cemeteries and cremation sites to discourage gatherings, in line with the Government’s guidelines and the Public Health Ordinance amendments.

“As citizens of TT, we need to heed the Government’s call to stay home and minimise the spread of this virus. Continue to be your brother’s keeper and encourage each other to heed the guidelines put in place for our own safety.”

He urged an all-of-community approach, to maintain cleaner and healthier surroundings.

“We also encourage burgesses to contact their public health units for information and advice as this situation evolves.”

Serving on Cabinet’s standing committee on public health concerns and emerging infectious diseases, the ministry will provide services to the people as best as possible plus timely updates on decisions taken by the ministry and corporations during this time.

Hosein thanked the municipal police officers and sanitation workers on the front-line against covid19 for their unwavering commitment and again advised them to follow all hygiene guidelines while on duty to ensure their safety.


"Hosein: PPE given to corporation workers"

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