Cops: Fewer people coming to PoS

The numbers of people venturing into downtown Port of Spain are gradually decreasing, as more people are observing the stay-at-home regulations.

Speaking with Newsday on Tuesday, a senior police officer in the Port of Spain Division said with the closure of restaurants on Tuesday, he expected there to be much fewer people coming to the city, either as employees or customers.

"I just passed through downtown and saw there were still a few people walking about. But there are also a lot of patrols by police both on foot and by vehicles.

"I think after today we'll see a lot less foot traffic in the city with the closure of these fast food restaurants. But so far we see the regulations are working."

On Monday, the Prime Minister announced that restaurants were to be closed in order to further reduce the movement of people and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The stay-at-home regulations have been extended until April 30.


"Cops: Fewer people coming to PoS"

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