All must come to pass

THE EDITOR: When my Minister of Health could say that this pandemic is worse than World Wars I and II and 9/11 put together and these are not normal times, he is doing three things.

One, he is intensifying the world fear and panic. Two, he is subtly confessing man’s helplessness in the situation. And three, he is admitting not to be in tune with the history of plagues, pandemics and epidemics and other life-changing phenomena.

Equally ignorant are the economists and politicians who are predicting that we will soon be out of the woods and are devising recovery plans to nullify the economic impact of covid19. Their predictions are not based on the cause but merely the observed symptoms.

In the blind valley the one-eyed man is king so the scientists on whom we place so much trust are working feverishly to engineer a cure without first discovering the cause of nature’s intervention. All are versed in how the virus spreads itself and no more.

The financial cost of the impact will be humongous. Resources that could have been redistributed amongst the world’s population to improve the standard of living are now being diverted to fight a friend, camouflaging as an enemy.

Poor little virus, outlawed as a killer by men bent on its eradication. But can we claim that we have uprooted all dreadful diseases or eradicated man’s inhumanity to man and put them on the verge of extinction? Or have we merely altered the physical environment to suppress the spread of these assassins?

Finding a cure is different from not allowing a disease to vent itself. Man was never endowed with the ability to cure or heal but was empowered to change the environment so that wellness can be restored by pre-venting.

In two instances in the Bible when the Master healed, he advised one to “go and sin no more” and the other “your faith hath made you whole.” The causes of those illnesses were deep-rooted, yet revealed so that the pain and suffering exhausted themselves.

Now, what do we know of the virus that we should want to heal man of it? Man’s ability to quarantine the virus might be more in keeping with the authority vested in him. The virus is more like an “alarm” in the world with a specific function to indicate when relationships among men, animals, plants and the environment deteriorate below acceptable levels. This is the litmus test of harmony.

Everything that was created, the good book says, “God saw that it was good.” And if He says that it has a function, so be it. “Heaven and Earth will pass away but My word will not…till all be fulfilled.”

So find out the cause, Mr Scientist. Adjustments will come in due season, Mr Economist. And please humble yourself, Mr Politician.




"All must come to pass"

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