Pulling wool over eyes of the world

THE EDITOR: Covid19, to most, is a virus much more serious than the others, ravaging the world, seemingly invincible, but must we lay ourselves down and die or should we try to find some answers?

In my last letter on the subject I tried to put a philosophical spin to man’s helplessness in the face of the virus as a means to a forced kind of stocktaking of our egotistical presumption that we are in charge as humans, not caring about nature and the other species therein.

And already, as we are now driven into isolation, the smog hovering over Indian cities has lifted, the geese are walking the tarmac in Israel and the dolphins have returned to the shores of Italy, inter alia (You Tube).

But there are other “takes” on this covid issue, such as the “bio-warfare,” according to one US media outlet, between big nations such as China and the US, with China, through its initiative in Wuhan, seeking national and economic superiority through disruption as it now seems to be accomplishing, even as it now settles into stability.

And then there is the version of a noted MIT PhD scientist and inventor of e-mail, Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, who sees the emergence of the virus as part of a bigger conspiracy by the deep state in the US, headlined by billionaires, to mandate a vaccine of their own making when the disruption is at its maximum and there is no other choice, of which Dr Anthony Fauci, the current adviser to US President Trump, is ironically its chief exponent.

What Ayyadurai suggests is that the deep state’s approach of extreme escalation mandating the need for a worldwide vaccine as a way of replenishing the depleting coffers of big pharmaceutical corporations negates the approach of looking at the human anatomy as a complex engineering system of which the immune system is the centre, and that the best way to counter the entrance of the virus into the body is by fortifying that system.

For Ayyadurai the most effective way of doing so is by ensuring a continuous and adequate supply of vitamins A, D and C, the first mainly through dark leafy vegetables, the second mainly from sunlight and fish like sardines and salmon and the third through supplements including cod liver oil, which altogether are easily available with no strain on the pocket, unlike the anticipated cost of a vaccine and its relative inaccessibility (Source: Dr Shiva Ayyadurai/You Tube).

According to Ayyadurai, he has written Trump on the issue but to date there is no reported reply, which is not surprising, for the powerful forces in the deep state in the US can offset any challenge like that of Ayyadurai, much as it has stifled the enlightened but anti-establishment Tulsi Gabbard in her run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Along the same continuum another Indian activist, Dr Vandana Shiva, is challenging the attempt to bring agriculture totally within the frame of technology by huge corporations such as Monsanto with focus on “yield” per acre rather than “nutrition” per acre, the depletion of the latter being the natural consequence of excess technology. But how successful she would be is another matter (Dr Vandana Shiva/You Tube).

This attempt by the big corporations to pull wool over the eyes of the world is commonplace, but except for the insights above, we lie helpless as much as we are against the coronavirus.


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"Pulling wool over eyes of the world"

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