Leaders must unit to rescue planet – again

THE EDITOR: As the world reels under sustained pressure from the covid19 lockdown, mankind is contemporaneously struggling with wars in various parts of the world – Afghanistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria, et al.

Humanity can use the existential viral threat against our very survival to forge a paradigm shift for the planet. We must put aside all grievances, put down our weapons and fight this viral invasion as a united force; all the laboratories and scientists working alongside each other for a cure.

We have done it twice before – once in WWI when an alliance was formed, and again in WWII. Now the world is facing an even deadlier threat – WWV (V for virus) – from an enemy that is microscopic, but no less deadly.

All leaders must work together for the common good. This is no time for partisan politics; this is the change that people of this planet expect and deserve.

On another note, I am sad to report that my younger brother Francis (Frankie) passed away Saturday night. My condolences go out to all those who died during these turbulent times. We are all mortal beings with finite lifespans. Let us not make our suffering on Earth any worse than it currently is.

Rest in peace, Frankie. God speed!




"Leaders must unit to rescue planet – again"

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