Time for a curfew

THE EDITOR: TT cannot wait for the same number of cases as big countries. I heard the Minister of Health say he needs 100 internal cases. Perhaps with wider testing he might have it, even much more. However, if there is no adequate testing it’s easy to keep numbers low.

Based on deaths per million, Trinidad is currently at four per million, which is even higher per million than China, if one plays the numbers game.

And if Trinidad only has 52 ICU beds (15 extra coming?) but already over a 100 cases and six deaths, is the Government prepared to risk playing Russian roulette with the lives of our countrymen before calling a state of emergency? Time to impose a curfew.

What is the golden number for the Government?

Barbados does not even have a single death but put in place a curfew and severely limited movements and operations.

As I said before, history will judge the Government on how it handled this global crisis. It is fortunate that the virus arrived at TT’s doorstep after other countries.

Six deaths are three too many. That number was okay when I recommended it such prior to the deaths. Now the Government needs to ensure people only interact with a minimum number of citizens – and definitely mainly with those in their households – when outside.

In Belgium our number is two, in Barbados it’s three, but TT has six deaths and more than 100 cases, with obvious secondary transfer. Yet the Government refuses to be as proactive as it can and should be and is still allowing cross-household transfer possibility.

The Government has done lots, yes, but there is still more to do. Please do it!


under lockdown in Belgium


"Time for a curfew"

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