North Zone basketballers urge TT to stay home

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PLAYERS from the North Zone Basketball Commission have joined the call and are encouraging people to take all necessary precautions to fight coronavirus.

Players from a number of teams including TT Police Service, Caledonia Clippers, Detour Shak Attack and Basic Basketball Academy asked people to take the pandemic seriously by posting videos on social media. Other athletes have also been joining the chorus to stay indoors with West Indies cricketer Dwayne Bravo releasing a song about the virus.

Anika Euin, a member of the TT Police Service women’s basketball team, said, “In light of this covid19 pandemic I would like to advise you all to be safe. Practice social distancing (and) wash your hands regularly. Remember to be considerate for others. You may survive this pandemic, but your parents, grandparents, neighbours or friends may not. Be your brother’s keeper and stay indoors.”

Adrian Joseph of Caledonia Clippers echoed those sentiments and asked people to listen to the Government.

“We see how it’s affecting the world globally. Let’s continue to do what we need to do – continue being safe, continue doing all the necessaries that the Government warned us about. Practise precautions (such as) washing hands, sanitising our hands and keeping the social distance.”

Joseph is having a positive mindset. “God is great and I believe everything will work out for the best in the end. Sorry to see we lost some members of the world in different countries and a few in TT, but let’s do what we need to do and we will all get through this.”

Kurt Christian agreed with his team-mate. “People stay focused, follow the PM’s (Prime Minister) word to stay inside, self-quarantine and stay out the people way,” Christian said.

Kalique Robertson-Forrester of Detour Shak Attack told people they can stay fit by exercising at home. “Let’s all join the fight against coronavirus. We all can do our part by sanitising, practising social distancing and adhering to the rules of the World Health Organisation and our Government. We as athletes are accustomed to being on the go, (being) active and exercising. You can still exercise in your homes. As simple as 200 push-ups a day when you get up on a morning.”

Robertson-Forrester said to pray for those on the front line such as doctors, nurses, police and the army.

“They stayed at work for us, let us stay at home for them.”

Vladimir Griffith of Basic Basketball Academy said, “Stay home, stay safe, let’s just listen to what the Ministry of Health is telling us daily. Take the necessary precautions – sanitise, wash your hands, do the basic things. Let’s try not to be around others as much as possible, (practise) social distancing.”

Griffith also gave his opinion on staying fit at home. “Basketballers and athletes you can just do some drills at home, some exercises (such as) push-ups and sit-ups. Once you have a ball you can do drills. Stay with your families, communicate with your families, pray with them and we will get through this.”


"North Zone basketballers urge TT to stay home"

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