Bharath: TT will be stronger after covid19

Vasant Bharath -
Vasant Bharath -

Former government minister Vasant Bharath is confident that TT can overcome the covid19 pandemic. In a video posted on social media, Bharath declared, “ Let’s stand apart together, let’s stand together apart.We can beat this and we will.”

He recalled that over the last few weeks “the pattern and rhythm of all of our lives have changed forever.” Bharath added, “In the next few weeks, we will all be measured by where we stand.” Observing that covid19 “has already claimed the lives of thousands” worldwide, Bharath said it must be clear to the people of TT that “none of us are exempt.”

He continued that the virus has “shown no regard for princes, presidents and prime ministers.” Bharath observed that countries with greater resources and far superior health care systems than TT have been crippled by covid19.

He urged citizens to continue to be grateful “ that our loved ones are safe and for the good fortune of simply waking up this morning”. Bharath urged citizens to “ also say a prayer for those who may not have been as fortunate.”

He said covid19 has shown the people of TT “have never needed or depended on each other ever before as we do now.”

Within the next two weeks, Bharath said the individual actions of every one in TT will determine who lives and who dies.

“We are directly responsible, each of us for protecting each other’s families, our elderly, our children.It is a duty we must not take lightly.”

As a nation forged from people flung together from different cultures by circumstances of history, Bharath said TT is resilient and “has a golden opportunity like never before to band together as one common people to fight this common enemy.”

He was confident that TT can emerge from the pandemic “a little bruised but not battered. Bharath said he continues to support the efforts of the Government and the Prime Minister to combat covid19. Dr Rowley, he continued,” has led by example and from the front.”


"Bharath: TT will be stronger after covid19"

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