2 arrested as wild animals seized

Two men have been arrested and charged after 65 parrots, four otters and two monkeys, were found in a vehicle on Saturday. A release from the TTPS stated that the interception and arrests came as a result of a collaborative effort by officers of the Santa Flora Police Station, Erin Police Station, and the South Western Division Task Force, led by Sgt Sobie.

Two vehicles were intercepted at National Trace, Beach Road, Palo Seco. A search revealed the animals. When questioned, both drivers, could not produce any permits for the protected species.

The drivers, aged 33 and 36, of Upper Covigne Road, Diego Martin and Dillon Street, Diego Martin, respectively, were taken to the Santa Flora Police Station where they were charged with 25 counts of having a Yellow Crown Parrot in captivity without a permit, two counts of having Fronted Capuchin Monkeys, four counts of having Giant Otters, and 40 counts of having Yellow Crown Parrots in captivity without a permit.


"2 arrested as wild animals seized"

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