Young: People not listening

Stuart Young -
Stuart Young -

Even though TT has almost 100 cases of covid19 and six deaths caused by the disease, some people are still not adhering to the new rules on staying indoors while the country tries to contain the spread of covid19.

The Minister of National Security once again urged people to stay inside, stay safe and stay alive, making note that people are still not changing their behaviour.

Stuart Young told a Ministry of Health online press conference on Friday: “Yesterday as I was making my way to the east of TT I found it very disturbing to see some of the continued activity and behaviour, as though it was normal along the Brian Lara Promenade and parts of Port of Spain. “We are still getting reports of people gathering, some still trying to sneak in at bars and this type of thing. I get a report twice a day from the police 555 number, and we are still getting reports of people gathering. When police have to enforce these initiatives it draws on our resources.”

Young stressed, "This is about personal and social responsibility. Stay indoors, stay safe, save lives.” He said bars, restaurants for in-house dining, casinos, night clubs and other non-essential services will remain closed until April 30.

TT’s borders will also remain closed.

Regulations on taxis and essential services will remain in place until April 15. Young also pointed out that essential businesses are to only bring out workers who are absolutely necessary for their operations.

“Just because you are an essential service does not mean that you will need to have 100 per cent of your staff going,” Young said.


"Young: People not listening"

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