Social Development Ministry helping the homeless

Camille Robinson-Regis. -
Camille Robinson-Regis. -

The Social Development and Family Affairs Ministry on Monday expressed concern about a video circulating on social media which was showing alleged bullying and harassment of citizens. In a statement, Social Development and Family Services Minister Camille Robinson-Regis thanked National Security Minister Stuart Young for taking decisive action to ensure an investigation as the video “appears to involve officers representing the law”.

She said while officers from the ministry’s social displacement unit were able to verify only one of the men in the videos as a citizen, within the street dwellers cohort, she was “adamant that all citizens must be treated with dignity and compassion.”

Robinson-Regis assured the population that while her ministry can only use moral suasion to remove these people from the streets, “we are working with the Ministry of Health who assesses their mental health and the TTPS and Municipal Police who have the authority to remove such persons involuntarily if required and with the city and regional corporations; to have them seek shelter in the several places available in various parts of Trinidad”

She said the ministry remains committed to the provision of care and rehabilitation services during the “stay at home period” over the next two weeks. Robinson-Regis said the ministry is urging the street dweller population to seek the services of the shelters at the Centre for Socially Displaced Persons at Riverside Plaza and also the Court Shamrock.


"Social Development Ministry helping the homeless"

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