Robbery at Rousillac supermarket

File photo.
File photo.

Police are searching for two bandits after an armed robbery on Tuesday at a supermarket in Rousillac.

Two gunmen bagged cash and a bottle of brandy before running off.

Reports are shortly after 6 pm, the men walked into B Ramsawak Supermarket on the Southern Main Road and announced a hold-up.

As one pointed his gun at customers, the other emptied the cash drawer and took a bottle of Hennessy. He put the items in a bag, and both walked out. Police said the money is estimated at $2,500.

No one was injured.

Cpl Thompson of the La Brea CID and others, among them PC Seepersad and Andrews and WPC Homer, searched Rousillac and environs, but the armed thieves had already fled.

Cpl Thompson is investigating.


"Robbery at Rousillac supermarket"

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