Imbert: Procedures for salary relief grant coming

Colm Imbert -
Colm Imbert -

FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert on Wednesday said the criteria, procedures and application forms for the salary relief grant will be published for people in the National Insurance Board (NIB) database. Imbert made this statement in a tweet. After this phase is operational, Imbert said, " We shall move to assist other workers who are outside of the NIB system."

On March 23, Imbert announced special $400 million temporary unemployment grant (salary relief grant) for people who may be affected by the impact of its covid19 precautions on the economy.

Imbert described the grant as the “most important measure” that his team had come up with “because we recognise because of the measures taken and because of the issues associated with this pandemic there will be people unemployed.”

People who have been temporarily unemployed or displaced as a result of the pandemic will be eligible for a grant up to $1,500 a month for three months in the first instance. The grant will be administered through the NIB, because it already has data on all the people in the PAYE (pay as you earn) tax system.

“We will give them the money for each unemployed individual who is temporarily displaced. We will work out the details and qualification criteria in due course over the next (week) or so,” Imbert said. He estimated the grant would cost $400 million over the next three months “but we thought it was necessary.”


"Imbert: Procedures for salary relief grant coming"

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