FLOW gets SEA students ready with pennacool.com

In preparation for the Secondary Extrance Assessment (SEA) exam, pennacool.com, sponsored by internet provider Flow, will launch its series of online practice tests on Thursday. Tests will be timed and results are available immediately after the exam is completed/submitted. A new test will be released thereafter, once a week, on Thursdays.

A release on Tuesday from FLOW, stated, “Although students are away from their routine lessons, we can support parents and teachers to ensure the young ones are able to focus better during these challenging times,” said John Devaux, Director of pennacool.com.

Pennacool.com has focused on online education for primary school students for more than a decade. Now, in partnership with Flow, the programmers have worked on innovative ideas to encourage more students to participate on the platform.

“We continue to support pennacool.com in any way possible. We have been doing so since 2014, to ensure our nation’s children are able to access the quality revision and education they need,” said Cindy-Ann Gatt, Director of Marketing at Flow. “Education is one part of our pillar for national development. Therefore, our interest in making this platform succeed has more to do with our interest in the nation’s future.”

One example of pennacool.com’s involvement with the nation’s schools is its Inter-School Championship program. Now in its second year, the program allows competitive but healthy rivalry among schools and students, as it strives to help improve exam performance in Mathematics and Language Arts. The school with the best scores receives seven new tablets and the top student, three months’ complimentary internet service from Flow.

To date, the online study platform has garnered 15,500 users. This indicates there has been more than a doubled increase in subscribers in one week, starting March 23. This is due to some 200 teachers who registered their students to the site, so that they can better focus on SEA preparation. In addition, since students were asked to stay at home because of COVID-19, 54,000 exercises have been completed weekly.

Pennacool.com has also noticed a trend in the use of the teacher registration and reporting tool. The tool, enhanced three years ago, allows a teacher to see his or her student’s work in real time. That way, the teacher can assign work to his or her class without difficulty of correcting the work. Therefore, the teacher can better monitor and focus on topics in which the students are weak.

For Fourth and Fifth Standard students, pennacool.com has eased the stress of learning. “Since I have been using pennacool.com, I have a great feeling of accomplishment. Therefore I am very thankful to Flow and pennacool.com for this wonderful opportunity to do better in my school work,” said Samuel Sydney, a Standard Five student at the Chaguanas Government Primary School.

Samuel’s father, Daniel also noticed the improvement in his son’s performance: “Pennacool.com has helped Samuel to study more efficiently and to perform better in class, particularly in Mathematics, Reading and Grammar.”

Pennacool.com offers other learning opportunities for students so that they have better clarity and performance inside and outside the classroom.


"FLOW gets SEA students ready with pennacool.com"

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