Le Hunte to limit numbers at mother’s funeral

Former Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte.   -
Former Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte. -

Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte on Tuesday said he will comply with new public health regulations to combat the spread of the covid19 pandemic, as he makes funeral arrangements for his 86-year-old mother Martina Le Hunte. She died on Friday last week.

Le Hunte made the statement shortly after National Security Minister Stuart Young announced that part of these new regulations forbid public gatherings of more than five people.

"The rule of law applies to everyone," said Le Hunte.

Martina Le Hunte's funeral will take place at Guide's Funeral Home in San Fernando on Thursday at 11 am. While his mother would have liked crowds of people to be at her funeral to celebrate her life, Le Hunte said she was also a selfless person and was always considerate to the needs of other people. He explained he has to make difficult choices as to whether he gives up his place at the funeral for someone who did not spend the time with her as he did.

The minister also said this would involve four people being physically present with the priest at the chapel and another four people going to the cemetery. He explained that his mother came from a family of eight, and working out the logistics may result in some of her brothers or sisters not being able to say their final goodbyes to her in person. For those who cannot be physically present, Le Hunte said the funeral will be streamed live.

"This is about caring, and true caring involves making hard decisions." Le Hunte observed the Prime Minister would be making similar decisions as well regarding funeral arrangements for his older brother Mathias who died recently. He said while TT and the rest of the world continue to grapple with covid19, there is a bigger pandemic which must also be tackled head on. "This is the pandemic of selfishness and individualism."

Le Hunte said this pandemic is demonstrated by the actions of people who choose to be selfish and individualistic, not complying with measures to protect the population against covid19, and continuing their lives as normal. He was confident that TT and the rest of the world will survive.


"Le Hunte to limit numbers at mother’s funeral"

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