CMO: First cases of local covid19 spread

Chief medical officer, Dr Roshan Parasram 

Photo: Angelo Marcelle
Chief medical officer, Dr Roshan Parasram Photo: Angelo Marcelle

CHIEF Medical Officer  (CMO) Dr Roshan Parasram said TT has recorded its first two cases of local spread.
Speaking at a virtual news conference at the Health Ministry on Park Street  in Port of Spain, Parsram said,  “Over the last 24 hours we have seen two cases, one in Tobago and one in Trinidad.”

He explained, “Local spread is expected right after you have importation.”

Parasram recalled TT had its first positive covid case on March 12 and no confirmed covid19 cases before that.

After TT recorded its first case,  Parasram  said, there was an increase in imported cases over the last  two weeks.

On the two first suspected cases of local spread, he added, "We  are still waiting for the conditions to go back to the source to rule out completely that there was no link to a previous case, no history of travel or contact with a traveller."

Parasram said there is no evidence of community spread at this time.

"When we speak of community spread, it means there is a large number of local cases and all of them have been communicating heavily and basically spreading amongst large segments of the community or the population."

He said citizens now have to act as if every one next to them has covid19.


"CMO: First cases of local covid19 spread"

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