PCC's Emrit remains focussed during covid19

Rayad Emrit  -
Rayad Emrit -

RAYAD Emrit is keeping focus during the covid19 break as he returned to the lower tier of national cricket after two decades to propel Police Cricket Club to the highest level locally.

Speaking on the untimely absence from cricket because of covid19, Emrit said, “It is affecting me because I don’t think that I have ever been in a situation where I'm not able to be outdoors and practice my skills every day. It can be a blessing in disguise because I can definitely focus on getting stronger and I am doing a lot of ridding at the moment.”

Commenting on his experiences thus far in the season, “It has been a bit of a challenge moving from the top tier to zone cricket. We need to bring our cricket to a better standard at the zonal stage so our cricket can improve to an even higher level at the top. The Police Service has taken the initiative to bring a lot of guys in to carry their cricket to the next level, hopefully, we can do that this year.”

When asked if playing in the lower leagues will affect his cricket, he said, “I hope it doesn’t, I have done things differently this year by taking my sessions seriously instead of just going through the motions.”

The Police skipper further explained, “We are trying our best to raise the standard at Police to bring it to a professional level. We have changed a lot of things such as punctuality, arriving at games earlier and more intense training sessions. This is important to create better cricketers at the club level so when they reach national level it wouldn’t be a surprise for them. We have been getting great support from the management team and hopefully that can carry on so when we can win the league and move on to the next level.

The ageless all-rounder continued, “The Police Service has taken the initiative and hopefully other organisations can follow. Even at the national level without the senior players they will struggle. Yes, they want the youngsters to be involved but it makes no sense playing with only junior players.”

The talisman has previously played in the CPL for the Barbados Tridents, Guyana Amazon Warriors and is poised to play a key leadership role with St Kitts & Nevis Patriots in this year's edition. Emrit also skippered the Winnipeg Hawks to the title last year in the Global T20, Canada.

Responding to any claims of ending his career any time soon, he said, “I have a lot of cricket still to play; CPL is coming up and other leagues too. I definitely want to have a very good CPL this season and if Canada comes off. Being the leader of the team, I want to set the example in both scoring runs and taking wickets.”


"PCC’s Emrit remains focussed during covid19"

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