Ding Dong releases 'covid19' remix of We Outside

Photo sourced on Instagram
Photo sourced on Instagram

‘CAUSE we inside from long time.

And no, Newsday did not get the lyrics wrong. In efforts to improve public awareness amid covid19, Andre “Viking Ding Dong” Houlder has released a remix of his 2020 soca hit We Outside, titled We Inside.

The original song, which helped him place third at the 2020 International Groovy Soca Monarch, has been the topic of many jokes and memes on social media over the past few weeks.

One user said, “Viking Ding Dong’s ‘We Outside’ gonna slap differently after this quarantine is over.”

Another said, “Ding Dong gave us ‘We Outside for 2020 and we can’t even be outside. I hate it here.”

Several users suggested he remix his song to highlight what life is like during the covid19 pandemic. And this came to be on Sunday.

The remix promotes staying at home, proper hand hygiene and social distancing, along with the hook, “We inside for a short while.”

The cover art shows the singer with a face mask on.

Speaking with Newsday on Sunday afternoon, he said he went to the studio with one of the original song’s writers – Mical “Teja” Williams – on Saturday and “the rest was history.

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“Well, with this pandemic, everyone on social media has been requesting it so we’ve been watching the feedback. We sat and we both came up with the lyrics.

“He had it structured for TT’s society and I said ‘Na, I feel this song bigger than that.’ I said I wanted something to connect with the world. So we changed it up to cater for a wider diaspora.”

He also asked people to send in videos of themselves at home showing what they have been doing to pass the time as they self-isolate. These will then be compiled to create a music video.

He said the feedback has been “crazy” : he's already received over 100 videos.

Williams told Newsday “We just went and tried to keep people’s spirits up with nice little comedy and informative lyrics.”

The track is playing on local radio stations.

Visit his Instagram page (dingdong961) to listen.


"Ding Dong releases ‘covid19’ remix of We Outside"

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