Tobago can't go it alone

THE EDITOR: An obvious victim of covid19 is the idea of a Tobago that is truly independent of Trinidad. The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) is just about as good as this idea could possibly get. The creeping march of this deadly virus has wiped the slate clean of all political chalk marks.

It is my humble opinion that apart from the ruinous internecine political wars for the two Tobago seats, the island is unable to be solvent without assistance from Trinidad. You cannot run a country on euphoria and vainglorious thoughts of political independence.

The infighting in Tobago for political dominance is painful thing to watch. With just some 60,000 voters the rabble must scrabble for attention because there are some three or four political parties. The news, some say fake, of one overly ambitious political pretender allegedly being financed by the sitting opposition in Trinidad, has been vigorously denied.

But who really cares? Covid19 will be using up every cent a Trinidad government can borrow in order to keep both islands functioning. With open arms, Trinidad has just allocated TT$50m to keep the heads of Tobagonian hoteliers above water. Such timely generosity will hopefully keep Tobagonians happy until covid19 releases its clutches.

We have to think positively that tourism in Tobago will rise from the ashes when the First World recovers economically. However the dream of a fully independent Tobago appears impossible this side of this present century for obvious reasons. There are some political back stabbers who might say that the TT $50m. is the bride price for keeping within the political Trinidad and Tobago marriage. And I say, so what? All is fair in love, war, politics and surmounting dangerous viral infections.


Diego Martin


"Tobago can't go it alone"

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