Police officer tests positive for covid19

Image courtesy CDC
Image courtesy CDC

A POLICE officer with a recent travel history has been tested positive for covid19. This was confirmed by the Commissioner of Police through a release sent to the media.

In the release it was assured that other police officers were safe as he did not have contact with them at any time after his return to TT.

The release said he let for New York on February 26 after he was granted permission to leave, and returned on March 18. He was met by a female friend who took him home, and later he complained of feeling unwell, so, on March 18 he was taken to see a doctor. He was treated and released but still felt sick and was taken by ambulance to the San Fernando General Hospital.

After he was checked there, he was taken to the Couva hospital where he was treated and tested. He later got confirmation that he had the virus.

His female friend checked herself into the Caura hospital where she was tested and is awaiting results.

“The TTPS states that at no time did the police officer return to the police station where he was last attached as he is still on vacation leave.”

In the release Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith pointed out the officer never reported or visited any police station since his return, contrary to reports on social media.


"Police officer tests positive for covid19"

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