Kudos to Education Ministry

THE EDITOR: The Ministry of Education must be commended for having the vision to implement the televised, online SEA classes to ensure that Standard Five pupils are able to continue practicing for this crucial exam.

This initiative is welcomed and timely given the current situation where schools had to be closed before the end of the first term. By looking at the televised, online SEA classes, our students will still be able to maintain their academic sharpness to successfully handle the questions in the exam, which will increase their self-confidence in the run up the test.

In this modern age where methods of teaching see teachers using technological devices like computers and social media messaging outlets to instruct their students, it is refreshing to see that the ministry has taken this high tech course of action to benefit SEA pupils.

I am also impressed with the professionalism of the instructors conducting these classes in a manner that is easily understood for many pupils. It is also commendable that the State owned TTT is working closely with the Ministry of Education to televise the SEA classes, which are professionally produced and enhances the overall learning experience for children.


Rio Claro


"Kudos to Education Ministry"

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