Kamla: Shut down TT now

Opposition Leader Kamla-Persad Bissessar. -
Opposition Leader Kamla-Persad Bissessar. -

OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar on Wednesday urged a nationwide shut-down of all non-essential services and businesses for 14 days, after TT recorded its first death in the global covid19 pandemic.

“As responsible representatives of the people, it is the Opposition’s firm belief that the Government must take decisive and tough actions to preserve and protect the health of the citizens of our beloved nation.

“We extend our deepest condolences, and we must be cognisant of the serious implications and consequences which may follow.”

Of the 20,000 nationals who returned to TT in the last two weeks, she said the State must identify those persons and ensure they self-isolate.

“Globally, the countries which have taken early, pre-emptive and decisive actions have proven to be those countries which have most effectively contained the rapid spread of the virus.”

Persad-Bissessar claimed the Government has recognised that moral suasion has not had the desired effect.

“The key to getting ahead of the Covid-19 pandemic is early decisive action, which contains the disease before it can overwhelm the public health system.

“We cannot afford to treat this issue lightly.” She said every measure must be taken to protect citizens.

“We remain resolute that citizens must remain calm and keep themselves and their families safe, but the State must act.

“In this regard, I strongly urge the Prime Minister to immediately institute a 14 day shut-down of non-essential services and businesses, to better protect our citizens.”


"Kamla: Shut down TT now"

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