Judiciary closes all courts to revise covid19 plan

All courts in TT are closed as of Friday, the Judiciary has announced saying the step is necessary to revise its operations in response to covid19.
"All courts will be closed temporarily from March 27, 2020 as we reconfigure
our operations," the Judiciary said in a release issued at 10.45 pm on Thursday.
"Further guidance will be provided on Tuesday March 31, 2020."

The announcement came hours after Government said all "non-essential activities" will be stopped until April 15 to adopt stronger measures to curb the spread of covid19.
The Judiciary said it is "dealing with a constantly evolving environment created
by the COVID-19 virus and its effects. This is a very fluid situation and we continue to revisit our business continuity plan in light of the pandemic." It said matters will be dealt with remotely.

"We are therefore putting in place measures to enable judges, judicial officers and staff to work remotely where possible to ensure continued access to the courts for urgent applications and hearings during the emergency period," it added. The Judiciary assured everything necessary would be done to ensure the public has continued access to justice.

Recently, members of the public have been screened in tents outside of courts as a precaution against the spread of the novel coronavirus.


"Judiciary closes all courts to revise covid19 plan"

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