Fellas, stay at home

THE EDITOR: Denzel Washington is the second most faithful man in the world. Modesty prevents me from telling you who number one is. Covid19 has mandated us all to remain in our cabins until further notice. TT's men are weak individuals. I am just a weak, tall man who cannot resist a beautiful face and body.

I try to play one hole golf. To assist men remaining at home, "stay home" is prescribed. This is a bewitching potion that ensures fidelity and mate straying from home. It is also known as "Commanding Powder," it is administered by women to maintain fidelity in their men.

Examples are callaloo, roti, choka, left hand dumpling. Two things keep a man faithful: Food is one, the other I leave up to your imagination.


Princes Town


"Fellas, stay at home"

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