Cross Crossing food strip closed from Friday

San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello   - Lincoln Holder
San Fernando Mayor, Junia Regrello - Lincoln Holder

VENDING on the Cross Crossing food strip, San Fernando, will be suspended and the number of wreckers operating in the city will be reduced owing to the reduction in the number of vehicles on the road.

These were among measures announced by mayor Junia Regrello at the San Fernando City Corporation (SFCC) statutory meeting on Wednesday as the city adopt measures to combat the spread of covid19.

Regrello said effective midnight Friday, vendors who operated an open-air food strip at Cross Crossing would no longer be allowed to ply their trade.

He said the suspension would be in effect until further notice.

Regrello also announced that an additional 20 municipal police officers had been reassigned to San Fernando to assist with managing the Chaguanas, Port of Spain and Curepe taxis who are restricted from plying their trade on upper High Street, at certain hours. Some taxi drivers complained earlier this week that their vehicles were being wrecked from the taxi stands.

Regrello said officers are also assisting with the management of the Central, Marabella and Fish Markets for the purpose of crowd management.

"There will be no vending of clothing and haberdashery at markets during this period. Social distancing is to be practised at all markets via cones."

The number of wreckers operating in the city has also been reduced from three to two to facilitate a margin of leniency in the wrecking of vehicles, Regrello pleading with citizens not to abuse this opportunity.

The council complimented the Prime Minister and his team for the bold initiatives taken in light of the pandemic. Regrello said Dr Rowley's decisions were prudent and demonstrated a profound sense of care for citizens during this difficult time.

He said the council would continue to support the guidelines stipulated by the ministry of health and made a special appeal to all citizens to adhere to these guidelines.


"Cross Crossing food strip closed from Friday"

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