Be strict across the board

THE EDITOR: My suggestion in this letter is aimed at Government, who although I highly commend on doing a fantastic job in dealing with the covid19 crisis, has evidently overlooked one serious source of potential viral transmission: NLCB gambling booths.

I know I may make a lot of enemies (including among some of my close buddies) by bringing this issue up, because gambling over the years, has reached "epidemic" proportions locally.

Ponder this scenario. You go to the NLCB booth, you have to fill out gambling forms (as most advocate no "bet calling"), you have to handle cash (as the use of debit/credit card is not accepted), "aye pardner lend meh yuh pen nah," you stand near to others who wait for the mark to "buss", they mutter their disgust or delight, spittle flying left and right.

How can such close, physical interaction among the public at the booth not be considered a serious form of potential virus transmission?

One can only imagine how much revenue the State earns via the NLCB but the greater national good must trump profits at least in the short term. However, the State must stop the gambling via the NLCB booth in an effort to minimise social interaction and promote having people remain at home, at the very least, for the next few weeks.

It's all well and good to tell us to stay home, don't mingle, don't work, social distance but then you allow an avenue - the NLCB booths - for people to break all of these covid19-related rules and regulations. Isn't this gambling with people's lives?




"Be strict across the board"

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