Tone it down Mr Prime Minister

THE EDITOR: What does it take for Dr Rowley to behave like a Prime Minister? On every occasion we see him on television he is in combative mode, wringing the life out of his poor, hapless bottle of water and virtually and mercilessly slamming foes and recently, even friends.

His recent attacks on the professional integrity of Dr Tim Gopeesingh and Dr Lackram Bodoe were most unfortunate as he even went as far as to question their specific medical qualifications.

Dr Rowley is certainly aware that between these two gentlemen they posses over 75 years of experience in the medical field. They have served both nationally and internationally and have been involved in public service for decades.

The PM must further be reminded that the doctors came to offer helpful suggestions in this time of national crisis and for him to be utterly dismissive, saying they brought nothing to the table, should be strongly condemned. Probably Dr Rowley does not want the population to be reminded that it was Dr Gopeesingh was tried unsuccessfully to debate this issue as one of national importance in Parliament since January 31.

Perhaps Dr Rowley may wish to look at his own Minister of Health who is but a druggist. Dr Rowley had at times embarrassed Deyalsingh publicly, reminding all and sundry that he is not a real doctor. unfortunately, all Deyalsingh could do was smile and accept the insults.

Dr Rowley’s dismissal of the UNC MPs who are medical doctors of many decades vintage, should cause one to question whether his own degree in geology qualifies him to be Prime Minister.




"Tone it down Mr Prime Minister"

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