Suffering from bushfire smoke

THE EDITOR: Covid19 has the complete attention of all of TT at the moment. However, there is another major problem the authorities and those in government need to address with the same urgency as the virus.

Residents of Central Trinidad especially those in Munroe Road, Warrenville and Mon Plaisir Road have been enduring smoke inhalation from massive bushfires since the onset of the dry season. Not only do we have to deal with bushfires but we also have to deal with neighbours lighting fires in their yards.

There are some people in Marshall Trace who light dried coconut shells and wet grass and it smokes all night long and far into the next day. Most people see no harm in lighting fires west of their homes in their own yards because the smoke does not affect them - that’s the neighbour’s problem!

Thick black smoke can be seen coming from St Helena almost everyday along the stretch from Washington Corner in Caroni to Warrenville. Fires come all the way to the SMR hindering drivers. If an aerial footage was to be taken, authorities would be shocked to see what we have to suffer through. This problem not only exists in our area but in many other areas of Trinidad.

Our health is of utmost importance to us during this world crisis. However, we have been experiencing burning in our nostrils and eyes, sore throats, difficulties in breathing, headaches and sinus congestion.

I am sure Health Minister Mr Deyalsingh would not like to have additional cases in this country needing hospital care at this time due to smoke inhalation. Neither would he want our immune systems to be compromised or our lung capacity to be affected during this pandemic. We have to spend hundreds of dollars on Ventolin inhalers, allergy drops for our eyes, sinus medications etc, just because of the action of these wicked people who have no sense!

I beg Mr Clarence Rambharat, Minister of Agriculture, to put into effect the law of having a permit for fires during the dry season. Charge a few perpetrators and make an example of them in the media. I am sure that it will make a difference if you do. I sincerely hope that this matter would be addressed and we could get relief soon! I don’t know how much more we can physically tolerate. Please act now!


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"Suffering from bushfire smoke"

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