PAWI: Christians likening churches to bars, liming spots

The Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) said Monday that some Christians have caused the church to be placed in the same category as bars and liming spots due to their “socially irresponsible behaviour.” PAWI repeated its call for churches to follow the guidelines outlined by the government.This also comes just one day after its warning of “religious fanaticism.”

The Government has been pleading with the public to have fewer social gatherings and called on churches to discontinue services. But some churches continued to have services, while others have gatherings with under ten people and live stream the service online.

In a release on Monday morning, head of PAWI’s TT council Bishop Don Hamilton said, “The unnecessary polarisation of faith and common sense, faith and medicine in dealing with sicknesses and diseases continue to be of grave concern.While the church should have been on the vanguard in providing leadership in the light of the contagious covid19 virus, some errant religious leaders and members home and abroad, have brought Christians into disrepute.”

Bishop Hamilton also called on Christians and church leaders to be more socially responsible and to change their “one tracked” view that healing and deliverance can only be achieved through prayer and anointing oil.

“PAWI TT and responsible bible-believing Christians must distance ourselves from such truncated view of dealing with sicknesses and diseases.”

He made biblical references of stories of lepers where people were asked to self-quarantine, practise social distancing, using medication, and avoiding travel when sick. While he said he is not suggesting to take random medication without the guidance of a health professional, the Church leader said, “Many Christians have died foolishly, thinking that submitting to a medical intervention or protocol was anti-faith.

“Regrettably, many so-called faith healers convey the idea that once you come to their meeting and you have enough faith you will be healed. It appears that the healing of the sick was dependent on them and not the sovereignty of God.”


"PAWI: Christians likening churches to bars, liming spots"

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