Grande fitness group keeps members sweating


SWEATERS Touring Team are not letting the coronavirus stop their members from keeping fit, as every day a challenge will be given to their members to complete at home.

Sweaters, a fitness and football group based in Sangre Grande, like other fitness and sporting teams have been forced to get creative to stay active during this time as gatherings of ten or more are not encouraged.

President of Sweaters Elvis Guy said his group is trying to find solutions. “What we have in our group is that we give them a different challenge every day. Yesterday my wife set up something for them and they have to videotape it and send it back into the (Whatsapp) group, different challenges for at least a half an hour.”

Guy, describing the types of challenges, said, “Today (Tuesday) it was doing squats with a bottle are doing 100 of those, the heavier the bottle the better. Yesterday was push-ups, everything is 100 (and) you are doing it in sets of ten.”

Group members have also been encouraged to do “steps” at home. There are a number of affordable ways for people to stay fit, but Guy said people who are willing to invest in equipment can buy a Bowflex as it works every part of your body.

Guy said earlier this month members also participated in individual running exercises. “Last week we did not do anything, (but) the week before we had them doing road runs seperate from each other. One person doing their own running, no more than one person at a time.”

The Sweaters Touring Team encourages running on the spot, skipping and jumping jacks as other exercises to do during this time. Guy said participating in skipping and jumping jacks are ideal exercises for people who normally do water aerobics.

Guy said people cannot allow this situation to frustrate them as it is up to the individual to motivate themselves.

“Don’t matter how many people you exercise with, if you don’t do anything you don’t get no results...working out with a group is just an encouragement for you to work out, to go more than you would have expected from yourself. If you don’t put out you wouldn’t get (results).”


"Grande fitness group keeps members sweating"

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