Former cop awarded $1.6m for fall at police station

A policewoman who was injured when she slipped and fell while on duty at the Four Roads, Diego Martin, police station in 2007, has been awarded over $1.6 million in compensation.

The woman, who was forced to retire on medical grounds, asked that her name not be published because of the crime situation.

The order for compensation was made by Master Martha Alexander for general and special damages, future surgery and future loss of earnings, as well as a cutback in promotional prospects and costs.

When she filed her lawsuit, the State accepted liability but contested her $2.6 million claim for compensation so the quantum had to be assessed by a Master.

According to Alexander’s assessment, the court’s aim was to provide fair compensation to the woman for her injuries.

“Fair compensation does not imply unjust enrichment or is it realisable in an evidentiary vacuum. A claimant who pleads a loss must be prepared to probe it by bringing the necessary evidence,” Alexander said, adding that she used the quality of the evidence provided to justify the awards.

According to her claim, the then policewoman slipped and fell on liquid left by a cleaner in the charge room of the station on February 28, 2007.

She was 35 year-old at the time and was a corporal who wrote the examination for promotion to the rank of sergeant.

In the assessment, Alexander said she accepted the evidence set out in the medical reports, pointing out that nerve compression she has could be painful and the medical evidence outlined unrelenting pain and suffering.

According to her evidence, she suffered pains for eight years after the injury to knee, spine, back and arm. She was told by specialists that she needed surgery to decompress her nerves and alleviate her symptoms.

Her muscles began deteriorating and in 2011, her entire right side became numb. Her young son also had to empty a bucket she used as a bathroom when he got home from school.

She also had to postpone her wedding and her relationship with her fiancé eventually ended.

The woman was represented by attorneys Anand Ramlogan,SC, Douglas Bayley and Alana Rambaran while the State was represented by attorneys Coreen Findley and Diane Katwaroo.


"Former cop awarded $1.6m for fall at police station"

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