Darwill Gardens residents continue clean-up campaign in fight vs covid19

Amidst numerous cancellations of public events, the members of Darwill Gardens, Arima will push forward with their annual clean-up campaign. The initiative carded for March 30, will be conducted by members of the community and spearheaded by community activist Mahmud Muhammad and his son Dr Azud Muhammed.

Mahmud believes that continuing with the initiative will assist in combating the cornonavirus.

"We need to sanitise our surroundings and promote a healthy environment to prevent against infectious disease."

The initiative is in its tenth year.

Mahmud said when he moved to the neighbourhood over twenty years ago, he was not happy with the cleanliness of the area, so he and his neighbour, Aniel Jittansingh, started the clean-up campaign in their area. The neighbourhood has an estimated 400 occupants and the initiative will cover about four of the main streets in the area. The community will clean their walkways and street signs, paint hydrants and traffic humps all using supplies they provide themselves. As part of the initiative this year, they will also be planting trees throughout the neighbourhood.

Mahmud is hoping that the initiative will continue to promote healthy and hygienic practices among the members of the community. He said his son started with the initiative as a child and is now leading the charge.

Azud said, "I met my area in an unkempt condition, however after one decade...my neighbourhood is now vying for the coveted prize of being the most hygienic, ungated community in the nation." Volunteers will be given protective wear to use during the exercise.


"Darwill Gardens residents continue clean-up campaign in fight vs covid19"

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