La Horquetta mother wants missing son to call

Xavier Aming, 21, missing.  - Elizabeth Gonzales
Xavier Aming, 21, missing. - Elizabeth Gonzales

A mother is calling for the public’s assistance in finding her son, who left home last Friday and has not returned.

The mother, who wished to be unnamed, told Newsday her son, Xavier Aming, 21, left a letter explaining why he had to leave, but didn’t say where he was going

Aming was reported missing around 7.30 on Sunday night.

Arouca police said he left his La Horquetta home at 8am on March 20 and was last seen around 10pm by a family friend.He was wearing royal-blue pants, a grey long-sleeved sweater and black Crocs.

His mother said on Monday, “It’s not something he would do, but he did it on his own free will. I don’t think it’s a kidnapping. He’s not in any gang.

"I know he’s out there and I just want to know he’s ok.

“I don’t know how to put it in words. He’s my son. Yes, he’s 21, but he’s living with me.”

Aming left his letter with the family friend. His mother didn’t want to say what was in the letter, because “it isn’t something that may threaten his life.”

She only wants him to call so that she’ll know he is okay.

“Within the last couple months he was withdrawn.

"I don’t think he’ll be able to make on his own. Again I know he’s an adult but I’m worried since he didn’t even take clothes.”

HIs mother said she called him "to find out why he left without saying. I spoke to him through my friend’s phone, and he said he didn’t want to talk with me.”

She said he gave her friend the letter, hugged him, told him “everything will be all right” and walked away.

She has not heard from her son since then.

Anyone with information can contact 800-TIPS or the police at 555,999 or 911.

A member of the family can be reached at 320-7479.


"La Horquetta mother wants missing son to call"

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