Curious, this policeman's death

THE EDITOR: I have questions about that policeman's death which was described as a suicide. According to all the news reports, PC Ryan Ramsaran apparently "shot himself in the head" with his service pistol and "two shots were heard."

There seems to be a concerted effort to have the population believe that PC Ramsaran committed suicide.

However, a few things do not add up.

The only sure thing is Ramsaran was shot in the head. But by whom?

His three companions, according to news reports, said he received a call from "a female relative," an argument ensued and he shot himself.

Just like that? Unbelievable.

We have only the companions' word for what happened.

I expect, of course, that investigators will trace this call, even get a recording of it, to determine if such a conversation ever took place and, if so, whether the nature of the call was such that would cause a man to shoot himself in the head, twice!

Mr Police Commissioner, we owe it to Ramsaran's family to unearth the truth of what really happened that day.


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"Curious, this policeman's death"

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