World Interhash TT pushed back to April 2021

THE WORLD Interhash TT, which was set to take place from April 23-26 2020, has been pushed back to April 2021, due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

In a media release issued on Sunday, "Over the last two years, Plan It Productions and the local IH team, have worked tirelessly in preparation to host the World Interhash in TT this year. Our team is now faced with global events, in particular, the spread of the covid19 virus, that will frustrate our efforts to fulfill our mandate to host the event for the period 23rd-26th April.

"Increased global travel restrictions, the closure of sovereign borders, flight cancellations, social distancing, and the prohibition of public gatherings, have collectively put the events’ success in jeopardy and a difficult decision had to be made," the media release continued.

"The decision however difficult, was made after consideration of not only the factors listed above, which will undoubtedly create a total lack of access to TT and the services necessary to hold the event, but most importantly, consideration was given to the health and welfare of both the citizens of TT and the international participants. The health and safety of the global community must come first.

"In an effort to be fair to all those who worked hard, volunteered and set the trails over the last year and those who registered for the event, and in consultation with the World Interhash Council, the World Interhash TT has been postponed."

The Tobago Pre Lube will take place from April 10-12 2021 while the World Interhash Trinidad will be staged from April 15-18 2021.

The organisers expressed their gratitude, as well as offered apologies, to the sponsors and all who have supported this venture.


"World Interhash TT pushed back to April 2021"

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