TT volleyballer back home before borders close

Renele Forde -
Renele Forde -


NATIONAL volleyball player Renele Forde was among TT nationals on a British Airways flight Sunday after Government announced borders would be closed, from midnight on Sunday, to travel by both nationals and non-nationals as part of covid19 restrictions.

Renele Forde, daughter of deputy speaker and Tunapuna MP Esmond Forde, told the media at the Piarco International Airport that a lot of flights were cancelled so “everything just happened to work out” for her to return. She came from Cyprus and travelled through Turkey, France and London, England.

Asked about the situation in London she said things were “quite calm”.

“From all that you’re hearing on the news it doesn’t seem as crazy as everyone else thinks even though they have quite a number of cases and a significant number of deaths as well,” said Forde.

She reported coming through London there was no screening, which is what she had expected.

“I was only screened here (in Trinidad). I wasn’t screened at any of the ports I went through. Not in Cyprus, not in Turkey, not in France, not in London. Imagine that. Nowhere.”

A female passenger said she was on edge the entire flight.

“I was just sitting on the plane trying not to touch anything. And I think it’s really scary because a lot of people had to wrap up their lives in like a week. Especially the new lockdown. A lot of people actually didn’t get a flight.”

She said a lot of her friends were trying to return next week but had to stay, “Which is scary because no one knows what’s going to happen in the next few months. And it’s kind of a frightening situation.”

Asked about having to quarantine for 14 days she said it was really sad.

“You have your parents and you have to just say ‘hi’ from a distance and isolate in your room.

“And it’s a worrying thing. But I guess you just have to try to stay safe and try to keep to yourself and do the best for everyone around you.”

A male visitor said he was there to pick up one of his relatives who was returning on the flight and their home was prepared to receive her. He said Government was doing a good job with the covid19 restrictions.


"TT volleyballer back home before borders close"

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