Reports of covid19-related death untrue

An official at the North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) says news on social media that a man who was declared dead at the Arima health facility died as a result of covid19 is not true.

The referral letter to pathologists noted that the man had no recent travel history, did not come into contact with anyone who arrived in the country recently and, as such, was at low risk of contracting the virus.

When contacted on Sunday, a NCRHA official said this was the irresponsibility of the public when it came to combating the pandemic.

"People have to be careful when posting these things. People are already paranoid, and spreading rumours is not going to help. The doctor is already regretting having written that in the death certificate because the person had respiratory complications. There have been no covid19 deaths."

And, the son of a man – identified as the second confirmed covid19 patient, said his father is slowly recovering.

The son, 36, said a relative, who was in Trinidad to visit the family, was not able to see anyone.

She could not see my father, my mother, me... I missed seeing her, but she is safely back in Canada with her family.

"These are trying times to be in isolation – to be away from everybody, which includes relatives, siblings, everybody. But we need to get a handle on this situation."

The man said everyone he and his family came into contact with, were identified on a list which was provided to the Ministry of Health, and no one has developed any symptoms.


"Reports of covid19-related death untrue"

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