Meals on wheels for Pt Fortin needy

 Point Fortin Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr. - Marvin Hamilton
Point Fortin Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr. - Marvin Hamilton

Branded as Meals on Wheels, the Point Fortin borough council will be providing free meals to families amid the covid19 pandemic.

The initiative will begin on Monday and will continue for two weeks at different communities throughout the borough.

Speaking with Newsday on Friday morning, Point Fortin mayor Kennedy Richards said he and his council simply wanted to assist those in need.

“I brought the idea to the council. And for something like this, you shouldn’t really be at a stationary location. We’re trying to get (the meals) to those who are most vulnerable.

He said 100 lunches, along with a drink, will be provided every day, and some small businesses have already pledged to donate items.

“We are in this business to help. One of our mottos is ‘Serving Point people’. We don’t want this to be anything political, it’s just about providing food.

“My mother always told me, since we were small, that food is something you don’t deny people. It’s always good to help someone with a plate of food. You never know how much it might mean to them.”

On Monday, they begin in the Hollywood community. Then from Wednesday, they move to Cap-de-Ville, and on Friday, New Village.

Updates on the menu and future locations will be posted on the council’s Facebook page.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating can message the page or contact the mayor’s office at 648-0451.


"Meals on wheels for Pt Fortin needy"

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