Cops catch Penal bandits who jumped through window

Two of three bandits who jumped through the window of a Chinese supermarket in Penal didn't get away, thanks to the quick response of police from the South Western and Southern Divisions, a drone and police dogs.

Up to Monday, the two, who live in Penal, remained in custody.
Reports are at about 10.30 pm on Saturday, police were told a robbery at gunpoint was in progress at Jinxiu Supermarket on the SS Erin Road.

The three had entered the supermarket, announced a robbery and ordered people to lie down.
One took a cardboard box and began filling it with bottles of rum, whisky and packs of cigarette. Another began kicking the owner on the ground, demanding to know "where the money is," while cursing the people in the supermarket.

Unknown to the bandits, South Western Division police had been called. Led by Sgt Persad of the Penal station, police responded before the bandits could flee.
Police called for backup and a team from the Southern Division responded, including the DUI Task Force, San Fernando Crime Patrol Unit and La Romaine police.

On seeing the heavily armed police, the gunmen ran upstairs and jumped through the window at the back.
South Western Division Task Force, Siparia CID and the Penal Robbery Squad joined in a search for the men, who tried to escape through a dark bushy area.

Police cordoned it off and with the help of a drone and dogs, they found two of the men.
PCs Sujeet Ramcharan, Ferguson, Surajpaul, Edwards, Khan, Ramjattan, Mohammed, Scipio and Billy assisted.


"Cops catch Penal bandits who jumped through window"

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