Water park falsely claims chlorinated water kills virus

EVEN after several calls by the government to practise social distancing and have fewer public gatherings to prevent the possible spread of covid19, a South Trinidad waterpark says it remains open for business.

It claims chlorinated water kills the virus.

In a Facebook post on Saturday, it falsely claimed, “Harvard Medical School has disclosed that chlorinated pool water is safe from covid19. Keep wet and stay safe.”

Newsday found no such reports by the university. In fact, the university has since closed its pools and all recreational facilities.

In a later post, the waterpark said, “No more than ten in our large gazebo. Chlorinated water kills covid19. Open for biz.”

Several people described the management “irresponsible” and as they expressed their displeasure online.

On weekends, the entrance fee for adults is $70, and $30 for children.

TT currently has 49 confirmed cases of covid19.


"Water park falsely claims chlorinated water kills virus"

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