Virtual brunch on Sunday with #VSD

Just because the country must practise social distancing to avoid the spread of coronavirus, does not mean socialising must come to a complete halt. On Sunday, Virtual Events TT will be hosting a brunch as part of its virtual shindig (#VSD) events.

A few days after the government called for people to stay in their homes, keep at least a metre apart and restrict any gathering to ten and under, Virtual Events had its first #VSD on Twitter because people were bored.

Now, because of the demand, it is having a virtual brunch.

Newsday spoke to Ajala Pilgrim on Facebook Messenger about the #VSD.

“I think it’s important to add social distancing for health and safety reasons," Pilgrim wrote. "As a lot of ppl (people) still think ‘It's not that serious.’ The virtual part is really just for ppl to enjoy each other’s company from home.”

Pilgrim said VSD can also stand for "virtual social distancing."

“As humans, we crave interaction with other ppl. So, to avoid people going crazy at home and chancing it, the virtual events fill the gap.”

Chef Brigette Joseph will make tutorial videos of the items which will be released beforehand, and during the brunch there will be a live DJ session by Aidan De Gannes.

“We are giving people a menu (for food and drinks) and we are giving people the opportunity to create their own items at home. You get to dress up and do what you need to do as well."

The menu is brown-sugar glazed bacon, stuffed eggs, French toast, and banana oat pancakes.

The shopping list is: one pack of bacon, one dozen eggs, two bananas, one pack of oats, brown sugar, white sugar, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, paprika, Parmesan cheese, vanilla essence, milk, sliced bread, nutmeg, cinnamon, baking powder, vegetable or coconut oil, salt and black pepper.

The drinks are mimosas – one part Prosecco and one part orange juice; Carib Keg draft beer, beermosa –- two parts Carib beer, one part orange juice; Good Time Cocktails (GTC) and White Oak WOjitos

People have contacted Virtual Events TT offering to sponsor the brunch.

“We have been seeing opportunities from corporate TT because they want to be involved.”

Since the call for people to stay in their homes, some have been finding ways to keep people entertained or educated. Producer Travis World, whose real name is Travis Hosein, did a behind-the-scenes video of making a production such as Soca Kingdom. He went live on Instagram and Twitter.

Sometime next week Virtual Events will have a "sip and paint" session, and is working on getting an instructor. Instead of having a canvas, it will be done digitally and people can draw on their phones.

To join the brunch, follow the hashtags #VSD or #VirtualEventsTT.


"Virtual brunch on Sunday with #VSD"

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