Pro League throws support behind Normalisation Committee

Brent Sancho - Angelo Marcelle
Brent Sancho - Angelo Marcelle

THE BOARD of the TT Pro League has unanimously accepted the decision by football global governing body, FIFA, to establish a Normalisation Committee to steer the financial and statutory affairs of the TT Football Association (TTFA).

According to a media release issued on Thursday, "As a football company who have invested over $200 million into the national economy over the last 18 years, the TT Pro League stand ready to work alongside the Ministry of Sports and the FIFA-appointed Normalisation Committee for the continued development of the game."

On Tuesday, FIFA implemented the Committee and scrapped the TTFA executive, led by William Wallace, after finding that the local football body had 'extremely low overall financial management methods, combined with a massive debt' of over $50 million.

Wallace has vowed to appeal the decision, which saw his three-month stint as TTFA president halted.

"We have instructed our representative on the former TTFA Board, Brent Sancho, that the TT Pro League will not support any move by the former administration to engage in any legal battle against FIFA over their removal from office," the TT Pro League media release noted.

"At a time when the dreaded coronavirus is taking its toll on the health and economic welfare of the country, on the request of the Minister of Sports (Shamfa Cudjoe) we are sending a proposal by March 31st for rebranding the professional league, use of community fields and developing a proposal for a partnership with FIFA, the Ministry of Sport and Corporate TT."

The Pro League media release added, "While we cannot pre-empt any selection by FIFA we would like to see the Normalisation Committee comprise of credible non-partisan persons from the local legal, sporting and business sector.

"We at the Pro League feel the time for mudslinging, character assassinations and egotism in our football must be replaced with a greater resolve to collectively address the challenges ahead."


"Pro League throws support behind Normalisation Committee"

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