NSO official self-quarantined

AN OFFICIAL from a national sporting organisation (NSO) has self-quarantined after making contact with a TT athlete who recently tested positive for covid19.

The sports administrator is currently following instructions delivered by health officials who have made it mandatory that he, and anyone else who had been in contact with the athlete, practice self-quarantine and social distancing to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

It is expected that several other officials and sportsmen/women may also be self-quarantined since the athlete previously competed at a local event one night prior to being tested. He was however, confirmed positive three days later.

The self-quarantined administrator stated, “I can only speak about myself, I received a call from the public health authorities advising me to self-quarantine. You only get tested if you are displaying symptoms during the 14-day period of quarantine. So far, I’m good.”

The TT athlete recently returned from several months of competition on the international circuit, with his last stint in Milton, Canada, before heading off to Berlin, Germany. From there, he and another athlete returned to TT and were both scheduled to head to Switzerland for an in-depth training camp.

However, due to the global spread of coronavirus, the athletes are expected to remain grounded until travel restrictions are lifted.

When asked who else may have been advised to also practice self-quarantine in this instance, the administrator replied, “I am not in a position to advise. The Ministry of Health and the public health system are in better positions, through their tracing protocols to indicate. That’s a question for the health authorities.”


"NSO official self-quarantined"

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