Passengers herded together at Piarco for covid19 screening

Trinidad's Piarco International Airport.  - JEFF K MAYERS
Trinidad's Piarco International Airport. - JEFF K MAYERS

Ninety-five people who flew into TT from London on Friday were kept together at Piarco Airport while being screened for covid19.

A worried relative whose mother, 69, and father, 67, were on the flight, told Newsday they were made to wait in line with the other passengers while being screened for the virus.

“There’s no social distancing,” the relative said. “I don’t know if this was something they just started implementing, but they have to do better.

“If my relatives did not have it, they could get it from someone else.”

The British Airways flight, BA 2195, landed at 5.30 pm from Gatwick Airport.

As countries worldwide close their borders to limit the spread of covid19, more TT nationals living abroad have been coming home.

The relative, who kept in contact with her family by phone, was told flights from other cities were also arriving.

Minister of National Security Stuart Young confirmed in a Whatsapp exchange that international flights were still coming in, and explained, “Everyone returning is required to self-quarantine unless there is information to support the proposition that they are high risk.”

There have been over 3,000 confirmed cases of covid19 in the United Kingdom, according to World Health Organization (WHO) reports. More than 30 per cent of these cases are in London.


"Passengers herded together at Piarco for covid19 screening"

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