Last seen in December: Safiya where are you?

The mother of a 22-year-old missing woman, Safiya Darius, broke down in tears Friday as she made a desperate call for the public to help find her.

"I am praying that she is alive. I want to know that she is safe. She cannot take care of herself and needs her medication. She is not well and does not have a job. How is she surviving?" said Jeanette Darius of Harmony Hall in Gasparillo.

Relatives last saw Safiya in December at a relative’s home in San Fernando. She is not married and has no children. Darius said she has been searching endlessly and feels like a "failure" for not earlier recognising symptoms relating to Safiya’s ailment.

"It was in January I found out that she had left there. She does not have a phone and some relatives are in denial about her condition."

Safiya quotes scriptures and is fascinated with church-related activities. Darius believes that people may be housing Safiya under the pretext of being part of a religious organisation.

She loves gospel music and always attends church. She is a good painter and draws beautifully, the mother said.

"All hours, even at nights, she would listen to sermons on the computer on loud volume. She started attending a church at San Juan and another at Cocoyea. If people have my daughter, I am appealing for them to release her."

The single mother has reported Safiya missing to Marabella police. Police confirmed the report.

Anyone with information about Safiya’s whereabouts can text/WhatsApp the Police Commissioner at 482-GARY, contact the nearest police station, call 999, 555, 800-TIPS or report it via the TTPS App.


"Last seen in December: Safiya where are you?"

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