Armed bandits strike at Clifton Hill

A fishing expedition almost ended in murder early Thursday when armed men beat, chopped and robbed a group of men at Point Fortin.

Samuel George, 37, took the brunt of the attack. The attackers, three with guns and another with a cutlass, beat him mercilessly before fleeing with his silver AD wagon (PDB 8177).

George’s brother, Daniel George, told Newsday that he was recuperating at home.

"They beat him with a gun but and he received stitches to his head. They chopped him on his left hand. If proper treatment is not done, he could lose his middle finger. He is using seven sets of pills, six are prescribed medication and one is a tonic to rebuild his blood," Daniel said.

Reports are George, his neighbour Michael Davis, and three teenaged boys, went fishing on Wednesday at about 10 pm at Clifton Hill. They were using baits and rods and did not go out at sea in a boat.

At about 1 am on Thursday, they finished and as they were about to leave, the armed men ambushed and attacked them in the wagon.

"My brother was the driver, so they attacked him one time. He got most of the injuries."

The bandits planassed Davis. One also instructed another to shoot the victims if they did not comply with orders.

With their hands in the air, the boys came out. They were not harmed.

After robbing the men of cellphones and other personal items, the armed men entered the wagon and left.

The injured men walked from the beach to the Point Fortin Area Hospital where they received medical care.

Police were contacted and promptly responded.

George was transferred to the San Fernando General Hospital. He was discharged later in the day.

Up to Friday, South Western Division police were searching for the bandits as well as the stolen wagon.

Police are calling on anyone with information to contact the Point Fortin station at 648-2426 or the nearest police station.


"Armed bandits strike at Clifton Hill"

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