Kamla and Rowley to meet on covid19

Dr Keith Rowley -
Dr Keith Rowley -

AFTER blasting the Opposition Leader on Monday for asking a meeting with him, the Prime Minister has agreed, and will meet with her on Friday.

On Monday, at a post-Cabinet media conference, Dr Rowley was asked if he would meet with Kamla Persad-Bissessar to discuss the global covid19 pandemic.

Rowley questioned the request, since days before, Persad-Bissessar had objected to his getting extra time for his speech on covid19 in the House of Representatives.

He said then: “Is it the same Opposition Leader? On Friday I tried to speak to you, the population, about this same issue and the Opposition Leader led her crew to vote against the Prime Minister talking to the country in this emergency. Is that the same one who is writing me now?”

Rowley added, “I am not prepared to take part in any political grandstanding. Right now, I have a serious headache. I am prepared to work with any and everybody in this country who is prepared to act in the interest of the people of TT. So I don’t want you to separate the Opposition Leader from the rest of the country.”

He said he was opening his arms to the rest of the country.

He accused Persad-Bissessar of playing games in her invitation.

“I have no time for games. I have serious business to do for the people of TT.”

On Monday, Persad-Bissessar wrote to him requesting the meeting.

Rowley agreed on Wednesday and the meeting is scheduled to take place atParliament before the sitting in the House of Representatives.


"Kamla and Rowley to meet on covid19"

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